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ever recorded. it sparked fires across japan, including the one you say. this is an oil refinery near tokyo. you have to worry about the flooding issue, a major problem in and around tokyo. there's still fires that are blazing out of control all over the place. tokyo, the surrounding states to it. i was watching on your broadcast some of the pictures. you had an airport that was up there. that was actually the airport that is a very, very new airport that was built, that's right on the ocean line there. that's why it was so devastated. >> we're showing the video that came into our newsroom a little while ago. you can see the pacific ocean in the background and the tsunami wave and this is mid wave, you can see if you're looking at h.d., screen left, part of the runway still not covered. don't exactly know where any of the airplanes are. maybe there was a bit of a warning. how long was the warning, tom, between the time the earthquake hit at 2:46 p.m. local time and it was an 8.9 magnitude. largest that started there in japan. how much warning between the earthquake hitting and the ts
't believe the velocity of the huge stories. first and foremost in japan. >> we start with the latest on the devistration in japan. there is another major exexplosion in fukushima, wrap jap. water levels are far enough allow to partially showing the rods. sparking fears of another melt down. >> and bodies have been found in mlyangi. >> stock tock closed down over there six percent. >> u.s. naval forces are moving away from japan over fears of troops exposed to dangerous radiation particularly on the uss regan. >> rescue relief remains top priority but thousands of people are evacuated near the fukushima nuclear plant. if you look at it. second hydrogen explosion to rock the plant and the massive cloud of smoke is carrying radioactive conitalination and that is a concern for the u.s. naval ship providing humanitarian assistance. that affects uss ronald reagan a hundred miles from the plant. they detected low levels of radiation and prompted the ship to move further out to sea. in fact, the commander of the fleet. vice admiral, reveals that the ships are being temporarily repositioned a
by the moment in japan as more radiation is spewing in the atmosphere from the damaged nuclear plant. david piper in the air base west of tokyo. good morning, david. >> martha: the nuclear crisis is a dangerous level now. the fukushima nuclear complex has had a number of a explosion and they are saying it is moving to a dangerous level and the international nuclear agency said that fire started in a storage plant that spent nuclear fuel. japanese officials told them the fire was out now because they reportedly had help from the u.s. military. radiation leveled have sored around the complex. japanese authorities told people to seal doors and winnows and stay in home and avoid going out at all. japanese prime minister said radiation is released from the three reactors from the nuclear plant and a high risk of more radiation coming out. reactors are over heat raising the risk. japan has imposed a no fly zone over the plant. high levels of radiation in tokyo and now reportedly dropping. but just outside of tokyo there are above the normal level by 10 times. back to you in the studio. >> martha:
for joining us on friday morning. japan now classifies the incident in the fukushima power plant as a level 5. it could have have consequences and cause deaths. this as the death tollrises to 6500 confirmed dead and more than 10,000 people missing. smoke seen rising from unit two. it could be from an explosion in the earlier part of the week. workers are trying to restore power so they can cool the reactors and they are doing that today. radiation from the plant is expected to hit the west coast of the united states with lemps that are expected to be minimal. gm is suspending operations in the plant in indiana because of shortage of car parts coming from japan. >> brian: so much coming, the yap jap asked the u.s. for help in getting the nuclear power plant under control as designed by general electric. david piper has the latest on that part of the story, david? >>reporter: yes, good morning. there is a massive military effort to help the japanese people. over50,000 members of the military are involved in this operationn. in the kyoto air base where i am standing now. supplis and help pushing
: "fox and friends" starts right now. >> martha: the last on the story out of japan. workers in the failed nuclear physicists riactor site are getting set to go back to work. one report said the workers niver left that site and then reports that they evacuated 50 corgous people who were staying there to try to cool the nuclear physicists reactors . we have had conflicting reports. >> brian: four of those men are missing. they were working on one of the reactors. we'll follow up on that. >> martha: unbelievable story . new pictures show at least two of the plant's reactors are completely destroyed . we have seen the araeil shots . trying to figure out what to do next to prevent a complete meltdown there. >> brian: when tempco was fulling -- pulling out the prime minister demanded what was going on and demanded they go back. >> steve: we'll go to ykoto air force base. david piper is standing by. >>reporter: the new crisis piraling oust control. in a desperate move japanese military helicopter was sent up with a huge bucket of water to dump it on the fukushima plant. they had to
outside of japan. fears over a nuclear meltdown continue to grow. crews are racing to stop the meltdown. some say it may be too late. we turn to david piper who is in the ykoto air base west of tokyo. hey, david. >>reporter: yes, desperate measures now are being taking place in the overheating reactor in the fukushima plant 120 miles northeast of here. they are using helicopters to dump huge buckets full of water on the cooling pond of the reactor. pots of two other reactors are boiling at this time. the chairman warned there is no water left in the spent fuel of plant number four resulting in what is extremely high radiation levels. the japanese government nevertheless have no plan to expand the 12 mile exclusion zone. the u.s. ambassador to japan said the situation is deteriorating and warned citizens to leave the area or remain indoors. the state department said the u.s. government has chartered aircraft to help americans leave japan. we are also understand that any american citizen that has no money they can get a flight out from hanita airport and that allows them to get out of the
one criticizing the president. >>an evacuation uer way in japan after smoke rises from the most troubled nuclear reactor. a report that says they should have seen this coming. there's plutonium inside of it. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good morning, everybody. thanks for waking up early and joining us. nice to see you guys again. >> it's been 24 hours. >> we got a lot to talk about and look at the dueling headlines today on the tabloids in new york city. one is no go on mo. qaddafi not a target. and qaddafi dead duck, allied bombs hit close to home. 165 feet from one of his tents. >> that's fascinating because there is a mixed message actually that we'll be talking about all morning about whether or not he actually is the target. leaders are saying different things. >> right. so let's go out to molly and review where we're at in day two of the libya no-fly zone, do anything we can to stop them from flying kind of war sort of. you're in washington with latest. what is the latest? >> good morning, brian, steve and alisyn. no word this morning in the libyan leader was at
developments out of japan where the situation is changing every moment. right now, work is once again on hold. the plant was just evacuated after black smoke was seen rising from one of the reactors. and radiation continues to spread. officials say the level of radioactive iodine in tokyo's tap water now two times the safety limit for babies and here at home, the f.d.a. is not allowing any dairy product, the produce from the area to be sold in the united states. a shootout in athens, georgia, leaves a police officer dead and another cop is wounded and right now, there's a nationwide hunt for the gunman who is a convicted felon. officer elmer christiansen tried to stop the suspect after a carjacking several miles from the university of georgia. he was killed. the suspect, 33-year-old jamie hood was released from prison in 2009 after serving 11 years for armed robbery. president obama heads back to the united states this morning hours after breaking bread at a dinner in el salvador. he's cutting his visit there short by several hours. couple of hours. he's going to cancel a tour of the mayan ru
two hours strikes japan. this one measuring a magnitude of 6.4. the first is a 6.6. japanese nuclear safety officials say a pool for storing fuel hit its boiling point. that's believed to be the cause of steam pouring out of unit 2. with the water boiling away, there's concern that more radioactive steam could spew out. we'll keep you updated on that. also developing overnight, afghan president hamid karzai announced that afghan forces will soon take charge of security in seven areas of afghanistan. the handover is expected to be complete around july, the same time that the u.s. starts drawing down its forces. the move is considered a first step towards having afghan forces control the entire country by 2014. and it's happened again if you can believe this, another tour bus has crashed. this time in middleton, new hampshire, and thankfully, no one was seriously hurt in this one. 20 people were rushed to the hospital with minor injuries. it's believed that icy roads caused this crash. interstate 83 opened just one hour ago. last night, three living former presidents gathered in washin
in japan. the photos show workers trying to make repairs there. three workers were exposed to radiation while doing electrical work there. two of them now in the hospital and in tokyo, shops are now rationing milk, toilet paper, rice and water after officials admit that iodine is in the tap water and is twice the level considered safe. after urging a calm transition in egypt, defense secretary robert gates is leaving cairo now to meet with defense minister barack in israel. his arrival comes hours after a series of air strikes in the gaza strip in retaliation for yesterday's deadly bombing at a crowded bus stop in jerusalem. one woman was killed and more than 20 people were injured. israel blaming palestinian militants for that attack. after falling asleep on the job, apparently, federal officials are cracking down now on air traffic control procedures. u.s. transportation secretary ray lahood calling for at least two air traffic controllers now to man overnight shifts. this after a controller at d.c.'s reagan national airport reportedly fell asleep and two planes couldn't get in touch
of switzerland's nuclear power industry have been extremely vocal since the nuclear crisis in japan. speaking of that nuclear plant, we're now learning that radiation has been found in milk in this country. it's in spokane, washington. officials say the traces of radiation, however, are far too low to cause health problems, even for babies. back in japan, harmful radiation now has been found 25 miles away from fukushima. that's 13 miles outside the evacuation zone. fighter jet explodes into flames on an aircraft carrying -- aircraft carrier injuring 10 american sailors. it happened on board the uss dennis off the coast of california. the f-18 was preparing for launch when the engine failed. the 10 sailors were working on flight deck at the time. four lifted to the medical centers in san diego. stable condition for them right now. others are being treated on the ship and apparently are ok. the pilot not hurt. damage to the jet -- more than $1 million. a political pioneer will be laid to rest this morning. a private funeral service will be held in new york city for geraldine ferraro, the first
responsibility. another major setback at japan's failing nuclear site. officials say they are running out of places to store radioactive water filling up in the plant's reactors. that water must be removed and stored before workers can try to power up the site's automatic cooling system, a key step in preventing a total nuclear meltdown. this as another earthquake rocks japan over night. the 6.5 magnitude quake prompted a brief tsunami alert. no reports of new damage. congress will be back in business this morning after their recess. lawmakers plan to finalize the budget, they do, for the rest of the year, the latest temporary budget expires april 8th. democrats and republicans are about $50 billion apart on spending cuts. a helicopter pilot rescued by the coast guard after making a splash landing off the miami, florida, coast. the coast guard found jeff mandel clinging to his chopper after landing it in the water. he says he had engine trouble on his way to the bahamas. mandel said he installed floats on the helicopter so it wouldn't sink. good thinking. i bet he's glad he did that. >>
to be executed next week using the same drug. in japan, the president of tokyo electric, the company that owns the quake damaged nuclear plant has been hospitalized. he's reportedly being treated for high blood pressure, stress and fatigue. meantime, radiation leaking from the nuclear complex hitting dangerous new highs. officials say sea water just off shore from the plant contains radioactive iodine more than 3,000 times the normal level. the white house now sending a robot and several radiation sensing cameras to help survey that site. 30 years ago today, president ronald reagan was shot as he left a washington hotel after a speech. the agents on a secret service detail didn't know he had been hit until after he was in the presidential limousine. press secretary james brady and two others were also injured. john hinckley has been committed ever since the shooting. and those are your headlines. >> ok. let's talk a little bit about something that's quite embarrassing yesterday for senator chuck schumer of new york. he was on a conference call, you know, where he talks to different people. he'
toxic plutonium found in soil outside of the fukushima plant in japan. the small amounts don't pose an immediate risk but the discovery does support suspicion that radioactive water is leaking from the damaged fuel rods. back here at home, the congressional budget debate heating up again today. house republican leaders holding a news conference that will happen this afternoon to address what they call the senate democrats' failure to approve long-term spending cuts. meanwhile, democrats are now proposing $20 billion in additional cuts for this year. far short of the $61 billion the g.o.p.-led house wants. after fleeing the state for nearly six weeks, indiana house democrats, guess what, are back to work. they left the state to protest a republican agenda they called an assault on labor unions and public education and came back after winning recessions from republicans but republicans only killed the right to work proposal that proceed hibhibits fees from being a condition to employment. katie holmes and tom cruise at the premiere of the controversial miniseries "the kennedys" last n
're welcome, japan. >> excellent. meanwhile, hearing the words "will you marry me" a dream come true, right? not so much. why more and more women are calling it a nightmare. that's right. "fox & friends" hour two for a monday starting right now. >> maybe not a nightmare but apparently a lot of women wish that they had been proposed to in a different way. >> right. >> yeah. but it's all about the marriage anyway, ladies. so it really doesn't matter how you're proposed to. >> i blame the movies. the movies have overromanticized what humans are capable of. they get to redo it again until they get it right. >> somebody from the movies is going to be joining us shortly as we take a look at the guest list over there. the second one from the right, aaron brockovich, actual one depicted in the movie by julia roberts will be joining us live and she's got a brand new book out and her firm gets 25,000 inquires from people every month. they want help with different issues. >> dana perino will help us out in a few minutes with political things and congressman peter king will be here and he's starting
. people are using boats instead of their cars to get around. a powerful off-shore earthquake rattles japan causing buildings and bridges to sway. this video shows the exact moment. 7.2 magnitude quake hits the city. it's 250 miles north of tokyo. there are no reports of injuries or any serious damage. president obama's top national security advisors are meeting today to consider plans to get libyan leader mow mouammar qaddo step down finally. hillary clinton and leon panetta will be at the meeting. the president is not expected to attend. qaddafi was on television overnight saying the west is only after his country's oil and says the libyans tried to oust him while they're being drugged by al-qaida. the crew of space shuttle discovery woke up to gwyneth paltrow this morning? >> there she is. >> she was singing the oscar nominated song "coming home" for the film "country song." the cargo bay doors will be closed shortly after 8:00 with the re-entry burn scheduled for 10:52 this morning. shuttle scheduled to land at kennedy space center in cape canaveral at 11:57 a.m. i like how that red ar
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